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Evergreen Curling Club Logo Usage Information

Evergreen Curling Club began using the Evergreen Curling Club logo in 2007. As our club grows, this brand will be important to identify our club. Our brand and logo should signify curling, specifically curling in Portland. We have not gone through legal registration of this logo, being cost prohibitive. However, in registration so we would make the logo restrictive for our members to use (shirts, hats, stickers, etc). Instead we make logos available to our members with guidelines. Following the guidelines will ensure standardization of the logo and synonymous with curling in Portland.

Commercial use

Evergreen Curling Club does not allow the logo for Commercial use. for details.

Non-commercial use

Evergreen Curling Club permits the The Evergreen Curling Club Logo for non-commercial products and non-commercial Web sites. In addition to complying with all of the following terms, if the use is on a Web page, the logo must be used as a link to To request additional Evergreen Curling Club Logo artwork, beyond that which is available here, please send email to indicating where, how, and for what purpose you plan to use the image.

We are willing to make allowances for those of you who have creative ideas and want to do something fun for your friends and fellow Curlers. The Evergreen Curling Club Logo may be used only on non-commercial items. Additionally, the Evergreen Curling Club Logo may not be modified in any way. If the lifetime use of the design is less than 25 units, you may consider permission automatically granted. These items may not, under any circumstance, be sold. For larger numbers of items, please request permission by sending an email to

Crest with light green background
432x544 .png

Crest with transparent background
(used for patches)
432x550 .png

8 Ring logo
Ideal for icons and small prints
287x283 .png

16 Ring logo
Main logo for Facebook, Twitter, etc.
424x411 .png

32 Ring logo
Main logo for website, print media, stationary amd apparel.
900x317 .png

44 Ring logo
Ideal for large stickers, signage and apparel.
400x516 .png

Full Style Guide see PDF.
(Last revision about 2007)

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