Club Championship Calcutta Auction

This year we will be running a Calcutta Auction at the Club Championship. Calcutta’s are often run at Golf Tournaments, March Madness, and other sporting events, such as Curling Bonspiels. They are a fun and exciting way to involve fans in the competition.

We will be hosting our Calcutta immediately following the first draw on Friday April 8 at 7:30PM. We plan to pair teams together for the Auction and then “sell” 8 pairs of teams to the highest bidders.

All money paid will go into the prize pool and be distributed as follows to the participants of the Calcutta:

Club Champion 40%
Runner Up 20%
Semi Finalists (2) 10%
Division Runner Ups (4) 5%

Anyone may bid on any pair of teams including members of the team being auctioned, a member of another team or anyone else that wants to participate. You do not have to be present to bid on teams but you will need someone to bid on your behalf. And you may purchase as many teams as you would like. It is traditional in Calcutta’s to form a group ahead of time to pool your money. (called a “syndicate”)

Here is some information direct from the Montreal Curling Club describing syndicates and their annual Calcutta; Before the big Auction night, syndicates are formed and money is collected within each syndicate to be used in bidding for teams. Any number of people, including non members, can form their own syndicates. These syndicates may purchase one or more teams or buy part ownership in teams depending on how much money they have and how high the bidding for each team reaches. Buying a share in a syndicate is a great way for new participants to get in on the fun for a small outlay.

So start planning now and make sure you attend our first Calcutta and see how much fun they are.

MoPac Women’s Championship (January 22-24, 2016)

Mountain-Pacific Curling Association Women’s Championships
January 22-24, 2016

Five of the finest women’s curling teams in the MoPac Region will play to win a berth in the USCA Women’s Club Nationals March 5-12 in Bismarck, ND.

Oregon is represented with two Evergreen Curling Club teams: Team Lisa Tamura and Team Courtney Smither.

Other regional MoPac teams are:
Team Avalon, Orange County Curling Club, California
Team Naso, Coyotes Curling Club, Arizona
Team Avery, Boise Curling Club, Idaho

Competition begins at 3:30pm on Friday, January 22 and the final game is scheduled for 10:30am on Sunday January 24.    Visitors are welcome to join us and watch the games live at Evergreen Curling Club in Beaverton, OR.

You can also view the games LIVE on ECC’s  Ustream Channel:

Competition Schedule

1:30 PM   Practice for  Smither and Avery
2:00 PM   Practice for  Avalon, Naso  and Tamura
2:30 PM   Official Team Meeting
3:30 PM   Draw #1:   [Sheet A:  Tamura vs. Naso]  [Sheet C: Avery vs. Avalon]
7:30 PM   Draw #2:   [Sheet B: Tamura vs. Avalon]  [Sheet C: Naso vs. Smither]


10:00 AM  Draw #3:   [Sheet A:  Avalon vs. Smither]  [Sheet C: Avery vs. Tamura]
  3:00 PM   Draw #4:  [Sheet A: Smither vs. Avery]  [Sheet B: Naso vs. Avalon]

  8:00 PM   Draw #5:  [Sheet B:  Naso vs. Avery]  [Sheet C: Smither vs. Tamura]


 7:30 AM  Draw #6:   TBD
10:30 AM   Draw #7:   TBD

(Sunday draws to be determined as needed for tie breakers)

MoPac Men’s 2016 Playdowns

Mountain-Pacific Curling Association Men’s Championships
January 7 – 10, 2016

Come and watch the at the Evergreen Curling Club in Portland, OR starting on Thursday.

Eight of the finest men’s curling teams in the MoPac Region will play to win a berth in the USCA Men’s Club Nationals March 5-12 in Bismarck, ND.

Oregon is represented with three Evergreen Curling Club teams: Jim Smoltz, Doug Schaak, and Jeff Tomlinson.

Other regional MoPac teams are:
Lanny Derby, Oval Curling Club, Utah
Bill Waddington, Orange County Curling Club, California
Justin McBride, Orange County Curling Club, California
David Markowski, Wine Country Curling Club, California
Carroll Huntress, Coyotes Curling Club, Arizona

You can View the games LIVE on  ECC’s  Ustream Channel:

The MOPAC Round Robin Schedule

MOPAC 2016 Round Robin

MOPAC 2016 Round Robin Finals and Tie-breakers to be announced if they are necessary!


Family Tree Bonspiel 2.0 Results

2015-12-26 13.47.28 Congratulations to Team Irvin, winners of the 2nd Annual Family Tree Bonspiel, December 26th, 2015, at Evergreen Curling Club in Beaverton, OR.   The team of Lily Irvin, Emma Irvin, Bruce Irvin, Geri Bobrowicz and Lillie Flagel earned 40 points over two four-end games on Saturday.   Points were awarded for winning individual games, winning individual ends and scoring stones.


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DIY Bonspiel Results

A Event Winners With crockpots in the warm room, CAUTION tape decorating the walls, RVs in the parking lot and curlers on the ice, Evergreen Curling Club enjoyed it’s biggest, best in-house DIY bonspiel ever.   Competitors and visitors alike enjoyed good curling, a welcoming atmosphere and the do-it-yourself camaraderie that enabled Evergreen CC to build Oregon’s first curling facility in 2012.

Seventeen local teams competed in three events with Team Schaak (Doug Schaak, Roger Chan, Jimmy Sattem, Adam Seymour, Yvonne Perceval and Bruce Irvin) winning the A Event with an exciting extra-end victory over Team Barber in the final game.   Team Smither (Courtney, Tim, Jim and Jay Smither) won the B Event with their only loss coming in a tight game against Team Smoltz on Friday night.   Team Jedi Mind Trick (Brian Kuns, Karissa Kuns, Thomas Poon, Neal Oliver and Arnie Iwanick) took the C Event title with a run of consecutive victories on Sunday including a near-perfect draw to the button tiebreaker over the Whirlies in the semi-finals.   Congratulations also to Patton Echols and Team Sofa King Lucky who hit the shot of the weekend with an amazing last-end tap-back takeout through a tight port on Saturday night (see replay of it here, fast-forward to the 1 hr 30 min mark).

Many Thanks to the iceops team, the bartending team and the bonspiel committee (Kathy Placek, Steve Liske and Art Placek) who made the 4th Annual DIY Bonspiel enjoyable for all!

B Event Winners

C Event Winners